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The Dualos™ cabinet is an international powerhouse, quickly becoming a favorite of operators and players worldwide.  Players are drawn to its sleek, modern design, dual high-definition displays, superior sound, and integrated ambient lighting, all which make the Dualos a beacon on any casino floor.

Dualos is also one of the most versatile cabinets available, able to stream content from multiple brands, with access to the gaming world’s largest and most diverse game library.

Operators also appreciate Dualos’ proven track record of dependability, durability, and serviceability, making the Dualos a reliable performer in even the most rigorous gaming environments.

  • Dual 23” High-definition Monitors
  • Digital 18.5” LCS Topper
  • Brushed metal finishes, smooth contours, soft-touch surfaces and digital OLED buttons
  • Integrated Ambient Lighting from top to bottom
  • Superior Engineering for durability

Note: The Dualos cabinet with a candle is only available in Europe and South America.