Pair Plus

Bet on the Pair!

Pair Plus™ is an exciting side bet for baccarat. Players make a side bet that either the Banker hand or the Player hand will have a pair in their first two cards. If players win, they will have the option to collect the proceeds or place them on the standard wager for Banker, Player, or Tie, giving them the chance to win again!

Players must make a standard baccarat wager. They may also make the Pair Plus wager for any amount within the posted limits on the Player hand, the Banker hand, or both. The dealer will then reveal the two starting cards for the Banker and Player hands. The Pair Plus bet pays 6 to 1.

If a player's pair + bet wins, he or she may do the following with the proceeds (winnings and original bet):
• Collect them
• Place them on the Banker bet
• Place them on the Player bet
• Place them on the Tie bet

The game then resumes.

Note: Players are not allowed to touch the chips while they are in action. The dealer will move them for all players.
Pair Plus
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