TriLux™ is an optional bonus bet for blackjack that considers the first two cards the player receives and the dealer’s up card. If a player receives one of the winning three card hands, they will win.

To begin each round, players must make their standard blackjack wagers. They may also make the optional TriLux Bonus wager. The dealer then follows house procedures for blackjack.

Once players and the dealer have two cards, the dealer settles TriLux Bonus wagers in one of two ways. When the cards are dealt face up, the TriLux Bonus wagers will be settled immediately after everyone receives their first two cards and dealer’s first two cards. Winning TriLux Bonus bets will be paid and losing bets will be picked up in order of placement from the dealer’s right to left. Then, standard blackjack play will resume. When the cards are dealt face down, the TriLux Bonus wagers will be settled on a hand to hand basis, as the dealer goes from left to right asking for hit/ stand determinations.
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